An Introduction of Extra Curricular Activities Department

Meridian international school is highly emphasizing to the extracurricular activities for its holistic benefits and importance. It is the best bridge to improve the students’ overall capacities. Extra-curricular management is an integral part of our school because our aim is to focus on ENRICHED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM (EEP) through ECA and CCA so that we always encourage our students to take part in various extracurricular activities as ECA at school are important to realize the concept of knowledge, experience and skills across the curriculum. Extra-curricular activities are aimed to providing students with the knowledge and skills required to become holistic with superior personal characteristics such as high self- esteem, innovativeness, creativity, productivity, competitiveness to face the current challenging phase of globalization.

Meridian international School has accepted ECA as an integral part of school curriculum rather than activities outside the curriculum. In fact, the academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities are related and are supportive to each other. School curriculum emphasizes on the cognitive characteristics, while the extra- curricular activities focuses more on psychomotor skills, so that, we believe the importance of the extra- curricular activities becoming as important as the academic curriculum and participation in such activities can serve as complement to the overall learning process in our school.

Extra-curricular Activities conducted in Meridian International School

School-based extracurricular activities are unique in several ways and characterized by some conditions. First, extra-curricular activities are of the few aspects of multidimensional development of competitive personality. For example, supplement of art, music, and physical education may expose youth to experiences that they may not have at home, encourage them to enroll in school-based extracurricular activities such as band, musical group, or sports, and enrich their dynamic aspect. Such activities help to promote coordination, cooperation, team spirit and eventually fosters in the concept of team building.

Extra-Curricular Activities & Students participations 2015

Violin 87
Guitar 200
Sewing 122
Art 102
Vocal 92
Taekwan-do 120
Jumba Dance 216
Dance 75
Sport 300