Our Achievements



Besides this, we send our children to Azerbaijan too, where our children get an opportunity to excel their level of confidence by getting ample international exposure by participating in various ECA and CCA activities.

Participation IFLC

International Festival of Language and Culture is an international programme that is held annually in 150 countries including our country Nepal. IFLC is a festival where students of different nations get an opportunity to show their culture and to gain some knowledge regarding others culture as well. The 13th IFLC was held in Nepal on the 21st of February, 2015. Students participated in extra-classes in three categories: Speaking, Poetry, Singing. They were judged by performances and written tests. The first students from each category were chosen to represent Nepal in the Cultural Festival Meridian International School hosts this programme in Nepal. This even not only brought togetherness through Turkish but the programme also consisted of performances of students like Nepali, Turkish and English songs, poems and dances. IFLC-2015, our school has recently taken Part in International Festival of Language and Culture. 2500 students from 150 countries took part in the competition in 21 categories. The program was held in 20 different countries. Such as Germany, Belgium, Romania, Turkey. We had taken part in three different categories; Speaking, Singing and Poem recitation. AbhigyaAdhikari stood first in the speaking,AmanPradhan successfully obtained 2nd position in singing category. Our school is unique and different than others in Nepal.It is especially due to our focused aim of providing international exposure to our children. So, our efforts to prepare our students compete globally are always on. We take our students to Turkey to participate in IFLC (International Festival of Language and Culture) every year where from over hundred countries; students gather and showcase their talents.This is good opportunity for our students to have the exposure to the outer world and know the diversities to make them familiar with the courses elsewhere.

Participation QUANTA contest

It is our pride that school has got success in participating in an international competition known as QUANTA contest. It is a grand competition where students from 20 different countries participate every year for international debate, Mathematics Quiz and Science Quiz, which has in fact promoted the level of confidence in our children. Meridian International School receiving the award by Rt. Honorable Mr. Khil Raj Regmi , the Chairman of council of Ministers for producing tremendous result in the SLC exam 2013 A.D.

VICE PRINCIPAL Mr Prabhu Lal Shah getting award and medal for his contribution in education through private institution for more than two decades